psychedelic cannabis mushroom testing done right.

We’ve been in the lab industry for longer than some of our clients have been alive. Let that sink in.

A 3D Render of an Alpha Pinene Terpene Molecule


Picking an accredited lab is important for all parties involved. Without accurate & repeatable protocols in place, testing becomes pointless.

Since 2021, we have been ISO 17025 certified in an effort to ensure that our results are not just accurate, but actionable.

What do we test?


From soil to edibles

We were one of the first labs in the country to start testing cannabis, and have serviced cannabis lab instrumentation for far longer.


From Mushrooms to DMT

Psychedelics tend to be unstable in the long term under normal conditions. Testing rids you of any uncertainty as to where your product stands.

An image of a cordycep mushroom used to represent testing on all functional mushroom varieties

Functional Mushrooms

From Cordyceps to Reishi

The benefits from functional mushrooms are endless. However, those benefits are only achieved if the proper compounds are present.

What makes us different?

48 hour turnaround

A potency sample takes 12 minutes to run on our instruments. Why should results take weeks to come back? Same day turnaround is available too, if you need hyper speed.

Experienced operators

We actually were fixing lab equipment long before we were using it to test. We still do repairs for the big guys when their stuff breaks down, so we know the ins and outs of every instrument.

We work with you

Oftentimes labs will give you results and then you'll never hear from them again. No room for questions. Our door is always open if you need to understand why your results are what they are.​

Always innovating

We work tirelessly to constantly improve our testing methods. Have a new compound you want tested? Let us know, and we'll put a method together. We're that fast.

An image of an edible cannabis gummy sample being dropped into liquid nitrogen

Hear from happy testers

“We’ve been using Altitude for more than two years. They provide consistently great test results and fast service. The crew at Altitude is friendly and always willing to take a phone call to answer questions.”

Mona Daniels,
America's Finest CBD

You have the most skilled operators using equipment that is always up to snuff. They will talk to you about your test results and trouble shoot why the results might not be as you expected. I’ve gone head to head with them in disputes and their results have always prevailed when the dust settled.

Isaac Foster,

Altitude is a site of EXCELLENCE: Excellent turn-around of samples submitted (prompt, consistent, exacting); excellent communication with lab personnel; I have experienced excellent collaborations with Altitude.

Dan Grunfield

Send us some samples!

We’re excited to see what you made so we can tell you what fun stuff is inside it!